Calm Sea


Mental Health Support Service

We work with all people, who are on a long NHS waiting list for mental health services. We are also here to help those who want to get help, or are struggling with their mental health.


“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud




Your Local Mental Health Service Provider - Here to Guide You

Taking the first step to look for help takes tremendous courage.


But what happens now? 

Our focus is connecting you with local support in your area to overcome your mental health challenges

What we want you to know is you are not alone!

Getting support is one email away

Service User

The hub has really made me feel like I am not alone. From the first email to all the stuff they post on their facebook. I helps me feel not so alone

Woman Reading

Service User

I lost my husband in 2019. I sent an email to Vanessa and she immediately started looking for support in my area. She made sure I was ok by always checking in.

Service User 

I have been on my own all of last year and felt the pandemic was not helping my anxiety.  From the first email, Vanessa has kept me updated on events online that are helpful.