Do You Find Accepting Compliments Difficult?

Updated: Aug 2

I can absolutely say yes to this question. It is something that I am finding tricky in my recovery. Being someone who has experience mental abuse, it is really hard to start to build the wall of confidence that I once had, but it is achievable. One of the first things that I did to accept rather than deny compliments is to simply say "Thank you that is really kind of you". I think what we forget too is that someone has taken time and energy out of their day to tell you something kind, something that has inspired them or that they think is beautiful.

By denying that compliment, we are not acknowledging that effort and energy. Slowly the more that I used this sentence, I saw that people would more frequently say compliments. Because it feels good, to make someone feel appreciated and seen.

It is not easy and I am still far away from believing compliments but slowly, as I see how my gratitude makes people smile, and I reflect on the kindness that I receive my confidence is growing.

Give it a try and let me know what happens?

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Love and Light


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