How To Create a Self Care Plan that works for your Mental Health

About Me

1. Things that are important to me?

2. My hopes for the future and things I want to change?

It is important to know what goals you would like to set for yourself?

Having goals no matter how big or small is a great way to stay focused.

3. Things I do well and things that help me?

Very often we don’t like thinking about things we do well, it took me a long time to see myself in a positive way. So don’t get burdened down with this too much. Focus on what you find that helps instead.

4. Things I may need to help with?

This can be anything, from making new friends, creating a support network, housing, relationships, help with an abusive relationship? My motto is just write everything down and then you have a plan to tackle those things one at a time

My Triggers

1. Things that make me feel anxious or that make me feel uncomfortable

My Early Warning Signs

1. What I notice (Thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, behaviors

2. What others notice?

What Can I do

1. What do I find soothing or calming?

2. What can I do to help distract myself to help feel calmer?

What can others do?

What do you find helpful?

How can I make my environment safe?

If you would like to work with us to get support with any of the things above or just to talk over your plan. Please get in touch with us on

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