How you think determines, how you feel and how you behave

How you think determines, how you feel and how you behave!

Our thoughts have incredible power in our emotions and behaviours. There are so many references to how positive thinking can produce positive results. For example, The Secret!

There is a belief that by choosing to see things in a positive way, creates a chain reaction of happiness through emotions and behaviours

Emotional responses can be very common in people that are suffering from either depression, PTSD and other mental health illnesses. We are in an emotive state so we are unable to regulate our reactions.

For example, I found that at the beginning of my recovery, if something triggers me, I can go from being really positive to very unsure, scared and even feel a panic attack rising.

A really good, exercise that can help with this is:

When you feel a negative emotion beginning. Don’t do anything. Take a minute away from the situation, then ask yourself one question:

If someone yells at you don’t assume they are angry or dislike you, instead think, maybe they are having a bad day.

By looking at it in a different way, you can protect yourself from emotional upset, and it will allow you to perhaps respond in a compassionate way instead of fueling the negative energy with more negative emotions.

Here is an exercise we can try:

Right now at this moment, as you are reading this, I want you to think about anything you are struggling with. (You can either write these down or just think about them) there are no right or wrong thoughts, these are your personal worries.

Now, I want you to take a deep breath and write down an optimistic outcome for each worry.

For example:

Times are tough but:

I have anxiety because I am furloughed - I can use this time to work on my mental health and learn skills to manage it

I am worried about paying my bills - On Monday I am going to get some help to see what support I can get

When you have done this place it somewhere that you can see, and try and tick one off each day next week.

Love and Light


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