It is Veganuary!

Happy Veganuary!

One whole year I've been vegan. One full year! I can't believe I managed to get to the end of the first year! My friends and family are surprised too!

I was that person who was obsessed with having protein in every meal; with the belief that the only correct and 'real' protein is in animal meat.

How wrong was I?

I can honestly say that turning vegan has been the best thing for my health, as I have had nearly no IBS flare-ups, my skin has been better and, I generally feel better.

I haven't even touched upon the fact of caring for animals. I am that sort of person who lives up to saying ignorance is bliss, but I've learned, that is a very small-minded way to go through life. Instead, I wanted to learn and adapt my way of living.

I learned a lot from my good friend who has been vegetarian for half their life and then went the whole way to vegan. They educated me on the facts and figures, and I was honestly horrified.

I'm not going to go into all of it, as we have google. You can search for your heart's content! I don't want to be that forceful person saying your wrong and, I'm right. When in all truth, no one is right, and no one is wrong. It's just a way of living, which you can opt-in or opt-out off or you can do half and half.

2020, gave us a lot of change which we were not used to so, maybe you could try being vegan just for a month. You may think it's harder, than it is but, you will work out that COVID, has made you even stronger and more resilient! Who thought wearing a mask and keeping two meters away from anyone at all times would become normal? Well, it is now!

I've made it a year! I might make it another fifty years or just a couple of days, who knows?

However, if you dip in and dip out of being veggie or vegan that's no problem no one will judge(or shouldn't) because that little change is a huge step in helping yourself and helping the world.

If you're giving up smoking or want to eat less chocolate, or you want to try out being vegan then good luck!

Any change is a journey you should be proud of and don't put yourself down if things don't go to plan, because you can always try again and again! You are your motivator!

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