Let’s Talk About …. Mental Health

This year has seen great strides with mental health awareness, its slowly gaining the understanding that needs to be available to people who suffer with this illness. They do suffer more then you know.

I myself, am a survivor, warrior and patient to this life changing illness.

But really I was wondering as I was writing this, how many of us actually talk about Mental health in every day to day.

Mental health effects people we love, we respect and people that inspire us every day, in every platform.

There have been so many stories in the press lately, stories of children, stories of artists, stories of the people like you and I deciding that life is too hard.

I am astounded at how many people still in this day in age are ashamed to say, today I am not OK, today is hard. There is still so much stigma attached to this statement.

Things are changing but not fast enough, to save the copious souls that live each day on the wire. Souls that will smile openly and laugh and joke with you over a coffee, or on a night out but inside they are fighting a daily battle.

So it got me thinking? How many of you reading this would know what to say or do if someone said to you … Today I am fighting, today is hard.

I would love there to come a time that, it is OK for people to say this and it not be met with judgement or narrow-minded advice like “Oh just get a grip, it’s not as bad as things seem”

It is OK, to NOT TO BE OK, it is not something you can just snap out of, and it is not a choice. So if the day ever arrives that someone your love, respect or inspires you say the words “Today I am not OK” I urge you all to answer, with THAT IS OK, AND I AM HERE, I UNDERSTAND”

Let’s stop the stigma attached to mental health, learn about it if you don’t know much about it. Talk to each other, understand the signs that someone is feeling lost and alone.

Reach out with compassion because that simple act could, in fact, be the one thing, that person needed that day.

Finally, if you are reading this today, on a good day or a bad day. Know that I see you, you are not alone, reach out there is always a hand waiting to steady you till the dawn of a new day.

Below are some links of support out there:





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