Mental Health The Unknown Taboo

Our brains are so complex; they are extraordinary if you think about it.

Different ultimately chunks or pieces (none scientific description) control all of our bodily functions; our emotions the fundamentals of who you are!

My personal belief is that it is our souls which is the life force of the person you become. I do also believe that it quite possible that it is the brain the houses the soul.

How's that for a balance of philosophy and science!

In the picture below you will see the different areas of the brain and the parts of us it controls.

It is no surprise that often it is the forgotten organ. We are very focused on heart health; healthy weight; reducing our chance of diabetes or stroke.

It baffles me that there is no focus on how or why we should maintain a healthy brain!

Most organs fail there is some sort of science to keep you alive until a replacement is found or a treatment.

If your brain fails - it is a catastrophic event. You CAN NOT live!

But to admit that you are starting to feel unwell; is something to be ashamed of?

Would you be ashamed of having cancer? Would you not seek help if you had chest pains?

I really want every single person reading this to put that in perspective.

When your brain becomes unwell; it should be a priority; there is nothing to be ashamed of in fact I think we should applaud anyone that is taking their mental health seriously!

I started the hub sat on my bed in a facility after surviving my second suicide attempt. I started it because I believe that more needs to be done to get this critical topic in front of every person.

I am one person, and slowly my army is growing but I am tenacious in my resolve.

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