Won’t you stand with me?

There’s a moment in life, where you are sat in stillness.

For me, it’s when I look at the sky, with heartbroken words playing to the melodies from someone else. 

That moment where you find peace, the worries of the world wash away and just for that beautiful moment everything just feels serene.

I started writing this blog, as a guide for every day people. People who just wanted honesty, who needed support, people who were doing something courageous even if its just getting through the day.

I forgot that I was a part of those women. 

I know it’s hard; heaven knows I’ve tried (Keleo)

This blog, having a voice again after what feels like the longest time in the dark, has sometimes been my best friend.

Every reader is a person that thought that my words had some value.

I’ve walked a long way to become the person that I am and I have attended a lot of life’s lectures and managed to still come out relatively cracked, and some would say broken, I just say that I am wrinkled. 

So if you are reading this and wondering what on earth is my point to this chapter. I guess there is no direct point.

Instead, I am writing with freedom, with no agenda but instead talking from wherever I find inspiration, head, heart, or soul.

As life starts to return to normality, as we start to slowly turn the cogs of the hamster wheel. I hope that we all continue to show humanity, appreciate the small things in life.

The smell of cut grass on a warm summer day, the sound of the neighborhood children playing outside, the bluebells that pop up in the most unusual places.

As we slowly start to step out of the safe bubbles that we take note of the empty doorways, the eyes that show a sense of sadness and stand in solace with the families that have not been as lucky as you. 

That they understand with actions the value of the words, “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those that have lost loved ones”

As the music of the world starts to sing again, appreciate the words a little more. 

Hold on a little longer when you get to share hugs for the first time. Soak up the very essence of that person that you love. Because you just never know what time has in store.

Take a chance – Make a change

Take a chance, Make a change, use any fear about the future to drive you to make it the future you want. 

Take that course, knowledge is more valuable than any currency

Apply for that job, no matter the outcome you are not going to be worse off than your starting point. You could learn something for the next time or you could start to move towards a job that you love.

Write that letter, tell someone that you are sorry, tell them you miss them, tell them you love them, tell them about new babies, tell them about all your news. Reconnect to lost loves, lost friends. Forgive and move on.

So as I sit looking out the window in my moment of serenity, I guess my point to this post is that serenity and simplicity is a beautiful way to reflect on who you are?

I am beautiful – So are you

I am strong – So are you

I am fierce – So are you 

I am worthy – So are you 

I am loved – So are you 

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