Opinions, Opinions Everywhere and not a thought to spare!

When did people and society, become so incestuously involved in the intimate details of each other’s lives?  It almost seems that everyone has an opinion on what everybody else is doing, that we have forgotten what it is like to make our lives meaningful for ourselves.

This is today’s thought over a steaming cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin (my personal favorite).

So let me talk you through my thought process, or rather the roller coaster that is my overthinking brain.

I have always been a person that people talk too. It seems that not a day or night will go by, that someone somewhere won’t start a conversation with me. I am also quite a chatty person and a self-acknowledged hippie. I love meeting new souls.

However, it seems that often the conversations will rapidly go from pleasantries to full life trauma quite rapidly.

This I don’t mind personally, as an emphatic hippie, and lover of all things breathing and not, I understand that I must just have that aura about me. Although, it always seems to come to the same question? What do you think I should do? How can I make myself feel better about this?

This morning I thought, I do this too. I would much rather spill my heart and soul out to someone, to tell me what they think I should do; because I have stopped trusting my own intuition. The very thing that tells us when something is right, wrong, a good idea or bad idea.

On self-reflection I thought, how can I sit and guide people back to listening to that little voice,

when I have completely stopped listening to it myself?

It seems that I too have fallen into the trap of trying to please everyone and their opinions, on what they think is right for my life that I have stopped living it for me.

Fast-forward to receiving the below video, I suddenly realised that I am not the only person that feels this way, crushed under the expectations, opinions, boundaries that my friends, family, and society are continually screaming out in my direction.

I became so concerned about disappointing the very people that I turn to for my support and inspiration, that I stopped thinking for myself, I stopped living my life for me, because only if I am happy can my life be full and rewarding.

So I am starting a hashtag that I will be using on all my posts from now on, as I make the journey on self-discovery through my recovery from PTSD. #HappyMe

Feel free to use this on any of your posts if you are on a journey too, whether it be after a breakup, a family tragedy, just a new lease of life, or even if you have finally reached that place of inner peace, and finally are living life for a happier you.

I for one, am no longer going to listen to the opinions of everyone else, and finally, embrace that little inner voice that I know will guide me to a life of happiness, perfect for me.

Much Love

Live. Love. Be

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