An old owl once said….

I like to think, now I am smugly in my forties, and I say smugly because; when you get to that 50% complete level in life. You think thank fuck for that, followed swiftly by; so much of that could have been avoided if I started at 80 and lived backwards.

Anyway, back in the room Vanessa, as I was saying. Now that I am rocking the big FOUR ZERO occasionally I get the request to deploy my wisdom on youthful friends.

However, I decided to put together these little top survival tips for those of you in that deliciously glorious decade of your 20’s. Where your boobs still bounce and rest at the top of your ribs, and trampolining doesn’t entail tena lady.

Everything has a solution, a lesson and will change 

You know that old saying “Don’t cry over spilt milk?” You will learn as did I that in fact that the things that seem catastrophic when you are twenty are just the warm-up for the big life track with some mother of all road humps. 

So my advice is, and I wish someone told me this sooner; is talk about your problems, seek advice, look for a solution and then work towards it. Yes “YOU” are the one that is steering your own race car of life and only “YOU” can make it right.

However, the is no shame in asking for sidekicks to help you smooth your way. Even Batman needed a little helping Robin.

Just be you and I’ll be me!

I remember feeling really unsure in my skin in my twenties. Trying to find where you fit into life, friend circles, careers, never mind all the milestones that you feel you “HAVE TO” get too by a certain age!

Well, I can safely say, that is a load of balls! The world is not going to stop spinning because you got to 30 and aren’t married, breaking records at work, etc. Trust me, I tested the theory and it kept spinning, and no I don’t think that Covid-19 happened because someone got to 30 and hadn’t ticked all the “boxes”.

My advice is just live life! Amongst all the excitement and hormones, this decade is amazing! Embrace it, conquer all your wildest dreams whatever that are! This is the moment that you will be the freest so make lots of memories. You don’t have too fit any box, triangle, or circle!

Nobody owes you anything! 

No matter what anyone tells you in college, university, or just within your own walls. I am very sorry to say, nothing is going to land on your lap. As much as you might think that you deserve that job because you’ve spent the last couple of years in Uni, you don’t.

The only way that you are going to make this life journey successful is with “WORK WORK WORK”

Find what gives you butterflies and run with it!

Do you know that feeling that you get when you get that new Ipad under the Christmas tree? That flip in your stomach and the ache on your cheeks (smiling cheeks not bum) look for that feeling no matter what it is, when you find it, follow it, because that is nature’s way of telling you that, thing, job, the person (regardless of gender) will be a great adventure.

Just follow what makes you happy, what fires up those passions for life! Don’t get stuck on a hamster wheel trying to please everyone else.


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