Modern Day Feminism : – Stack Them Up and Knock Them Down

So, something interesting popped up on my Facebook timeline today. This delightful picture. And as usual, it got the clogs whirling around.


Do pictures like this give women any credit? If you are a feminist and you are sharing this picture, are you not doing the same thing that a misogynist would do?

I know there are some of you that will immediately, have your big girl knickers in a twist, and think I am speaking out of turn.

So, before you write an angry comment below let me explain why.

In my opinion and this is only my opinion, I thought when reading this, how is sharing this picture, empowering, uplifting, inspiring our fellow women to be great.

Instead, this picture is highlighting that if you take a selfie, or look and behave a certain way that you are shallow. Less of a woman than the women on the battlefield in the 1940’s.

But are you not judging a book by its cover? Since when was it OK for “feminists” to judge women on appearance. The very thing that they object to so much.

That instead of sharing a picture that will only knock or put down a fellow woman, should we not instead be sharing inspiring stories of women that have kicked butt in 2019 or even in the last century?


Maybe draw a bit of inspiration to be a fierce lioness in tackling every element of our lives. Because every single woman that is reading this has their own lioness, queen bitch inside them, that can lead you to achieve any dream, goal, or just to handle the shit that life sends you from time to time.

So, when you are having a day where the washing machine broke, the dog has vomited on the leather sofa, and the kids have eaten your favorite chocolate you hid away for that PMT day and your mind switches to Can’t Be Arsed Mode (CBA).

Draw a little inspiration from the women like these Diane Fosse, Helen Mirren, Meryl Street and Erin Brockovich, to motivate you to carry on, and let your inner fierce lioness, bitch queen take over and handle it! And quoting the words of Gloria Vanderbilt “I always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success”

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