What does your heart say?

My heart says that it is OK to feel, my heart says that to live with the vision of kindness and the ability to see the very core of people is a gift that will never be understood but it is still OK.

My heart tells me that, if I listen it will always be there to tell me if I am wrong or right.

You can stand in front of me, throw words at me to break bones, but you will not trick my heart to believe any different.

I see you, covered in your lies, that you don’t even seem to recognise who you are anymore.

My heart tells me that, every day that I get up, I am alive and it is up to me to decide what lies ahead for me.

My heart told you that you were beautiful, told you that it saw beyond your the cloak of darkness that had encumbered the person on the outside

My heart tells me every day that I am strong, because it knows how to love.

My heart tells me that sappy and cheesy is actually quite cool, even though they used to roll their eyes.

But I know that deep down, it makes them smile.

My heart knew that I needed to get away and find some help and we took many bad turns, but eventually we got it right.

Me and my heart, may not be like everyone else, but that’s OK, because we would rather live our lives knowing how to love and with that comes an amazing life.

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