What effect has COVID had on your mental health?

As we are heading into the sun setting on 2020, it seems that we have crammed a whole lifetime of stress, worry and pain into just the nine months.

There have been families that had their whole lives changed, indefinitely. Not just by this virus, but also by the effect that it has had on their families, friends and colleagues' mental health.

In a time where we have already seen a massive increase of mental health numbers, the system almost seems to be cracking under the strain of the many people that are asking for help.

I have spoken to many age groups from 18 right up to and including 60+ who has found that COVID has impacted their mental health.

Not helped with the inconsistency of the information that we are given, on a weekly basis.

However, other than a brief moment in the spotlight, mental health services have not been given a second thought in support from the government.

So what effect has COVID had on my mental health?

It has made me cautious, it has made me nervous, it has made me worry constantly.

All of these things are emphasised by the not knowing, will I be able to continue to work? Will we go back into another National Lock down? Will I take the virus home to my family?

What if I am a carrier and do not know it and I work with vulnerable people?

It is so easy to start on the spiral of What Ifs!

For someone like myself that lives with a panic disorder it is endless and exhausting.

One of the things I find has really helped is remembering my “Wise Mind” practice and focusing on using that thought process.

Using your wise mind, and asking the question, this is what I know? This is the facts of today? So I will use that information to do this?

When we focus on what we know, feel, and see then it trains the brain to look at the here and now and stay within the boundaries of your wise mind.

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