At the start of the year, we had planned to start filming our documentary, We wanted to talk about Mental Health from the eyes of the people in the communities. Vanessa felt, that as she moved through the system that there were some real issues and wanted to raise awareness. She also wanted to put a spotlight on the Mental Health crisis that is very much happening right now in England and in fact across the United Kingdom

However, COVID meant that we would have to postpone the filming till next summer.

We then decided to launch our digital support and advocacy service instead. 

Our hard work paid off and, we launched our podcast first and then our online referral service.

We have worked on inter-agency relationships So that we were connected with the very charities we are hoping to link service users with.

We have developed some amazing connections with guest speakers on our podcast giving help and support.

In the later part of the year, we decided to respond to what people were asking for and started our online events, Taking out plans for community engagement online.

We also planned to support the vulnerable in our communities as did our Book Date campaign where we delivered to various residential and nursing homes in Stockport.

We have so much planned for this year to provide even more awareness and support. So watch this space!